Flat Roofing Services

We provide high performance flat roofing systems for new builds and refurbishment of existing roofs. Felt provides an economic waterproofing to flat areas. Our flat roofing services include stripping, re-decking and re-felting new flat roofs and extensions to existing roofs.

Flat roof repairs may be possible if the problem is localised, however if a roof is showing signs of wear and tear it is often best to replace the whole roof.


All roof decking boards are plywood OSB grade 3 and not chipboard which is amazingly still used by some contractors, which does not meet existing building regulations.

All flat roofs come with our Fifteen Year Guarantee with an expected life span of Thirty to Sixty years. S&W Roofing Ltd have full public liability insurance for "hot works" and the application of heat.

If you have a problem with your flat roof it is best not ignored as a small leak can escalate into a larger and more expensive problem. For a free, no obligation quote please call us on 020 3174 2286


Torch-on capsheets are designed to save time and money during the installation of new or refurbished flat roofs, while also ensuring exceptional, proven performance.

This versatile roofing system is suitable for most prepared deck types, as well as being used on new build warm roofs and cold and inverted roofs and as a refurbishment overlay system.

Features & Benefits

  • 25% less gas and 30% faster application than traditional torch-on membranes.
  • Exceptional bond strength.
  • Greater lap security.
  • Safer low flame application.
  • Easy to cut, handle and apply.
  • Wide choice of colours.